When owner Josh Wolkon needed help breathing new life into the three conjoined buildings that would become Ace, he hired Xan Creative. Together they watched the layers peel away as walls were knocked down and beams, brick walls, and original floors were exposed. As the historic qualities and character of the building were revealed, the design's focus was redirected to use as much of the building's original elements as possible while incorporating many recycled, re-purposed, and re-imagined materials.

Items such as original window grating (security measures needed during Uptown's checkered past), apple crates from Colorado's Western Slope, a Chinese shipping container, salvaged airplane parts, walls made from spent warehouse palettes, and other once-ordinary items have now become aesthetic highlights. These design elements lend Ace an artistic, hand-crafted, and unique vibe.

Despite the absence of physical barriers between the bar, dining room, and Ping-Pong hall, all three spaces are quite distinct. The outdoor patio, with two custom concrete Ping-Pong tables, outdoor bar seating, and picnic tables made from old house decking adds a fourth space also unique onto it's own. When the garage doors above the bar are opened, inviting the outdoors in, the feeling of separation is truly erased. This bold architectural design is mirrored in Ace's eclectic and equally bold handing of regional Asian cuisine. What once felt like a huge space has grown to be the perfect amount of space to eat, drink, and rally.