Vesta, Steuben’s & ACE Eat SERVE
Sustainability INITIATIVES

Green and sustainable efforts are very important to the Secret Sauce family of restaurants. Each of our locations has been certified as a green business through the EPA and Certifiably Green Denver, due in large part to the following efforts:

  • All of our restaurants source 100% clean wind power for every kilowatt-hour used, and wind power discounts are made available to our staff and guests through this program. (Guests also receive a $25 gift card to our restaurants when participating in Arcadia Power’s clean wind power program at See below for more details.)
  • All of our restaurants have chosen to switch to paper straws manufactured by Aardvark in the USA with 100% compostable, marine degradable, and FDA approved materials.
  • In addition to sourcing wind power energy, the patio at Steuben’s uptown location is covered with a solar awning. Additional solar panels are located on the roof.

**Signing up with Arcadia Power means offsetting every kilowatt-hour of energy you use with clean wind power. You do not need to own your home to sign up. As of December 2015, the cost is an additional 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, meaning a $30 energy bill would become a $35 energy bill. Check your monthly bill to see how many kilowatt-hours you use.

Visit for more information.