Chef Luncheons at Osage Cafe

Back in February of 2013 the Denver Housing Authority opened the doors to Osage Café, at 1099 Osage Street, in the Mariposa District. As Denver’s first community-based culinary training center, Osage Café’s mission is to serve delicious, affordable, and healthy meals, using local ingredients, while providing professional culinary training for Denver youth. In May, Osage Café received Green Business Certification from the Denver Department of Environmental Health, furthering their commitment to the community through both responsible practices as well as educating students on running an environmentally sound business.

Beginning in January, Ace and Steuben’s will be partnering with Osage Café for a monthly ‘Guest Chef Luncheon’ where chefs from Ace and Steuben’s will work with Osage Café cooks to create lunch specials whose profits will benefit Osage Café. The chefs will provide the ingredients, the know-how, and the guidance, while the Osage trainees will learn from the chefs recipes, technique, and knowledge of ingredients and how they work together.

Please join us on the third Tuesday of every month at Osage Café, from 11AM – 2PM.

See the Osage Café’s website HERE.