Sep 24 - Ace, Steuben's, and Vesta at Harvest Week

Harvest Week is an annual series of pop-up dinners put on by EatDenver, a local network of independently owned, Colorado based restaurants. Each night, 6 local chefs join forces to create a memorable meal at the Grow Haus- a local, urban, indoor farm.
(See more about the Grow Haus here.) 

This coming Tuesday, September 24th, our very own chefs Brandon Biederman (Ace, Steuben's) and Brandon Foster (Vesta Dipping Grill) will join chefs Troy Guard (TAG), Jorel Pierce (Euclid Hall), Tyler Skrivanek (Duo), Mitch Mayers (Black Pearl) and Jeff Osaka (twelverestaurant) to create a refined, yet earthy vegetarian feast entitled Urban Bounty. As the name suggests, these city chefs will not only showcase the beautiful flavors of locally grown produce, but the food will be bountiful, as well.

So all of you veggie lovers fed up with the same old Portobello 'steaks' and vegetarian menus that leave you hungry for more, Urban Bounty promises to deliver a meal that looks and tastes like the work of 7 of Denver's finest chefs.

For tickets, click here.