Wings & Whiskey 2017

2017 W&W
THANK YOU to everyone who joined us June 11th for our fourth annual Wings & Whiskey event! Denver's top chefs competed for the title of Denver's Wing King, and crowned our friends at Cho77 the WING KING!! Thank you to Buffalo Wingmen (featuring members of Euforquestra) for the amazing live music! Thank you to everyone for making this THE charity event of summer, year after year!

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W&W 2017W&W 2017 LadiesW&W 2017 Crew
W&W 2017 Whiskey TastingW&W 2017 Patio VibesW&W 2017 Bar Bus
W&W 2017 Ping PongW&W 2017 DudesW&W 2017 Chefs
W&W 2017 VIP BarW&W 2017 Bar LadiesW&W 2017 Coperta
W&W 2017 Patio HangoutW&W 2017 Chef CrewW&W 2017 Dudes
W&W 2017 Pong Room HangoutW&W 2017 Ace Sous ChefW&W 2017 Patio Vibes
W&W 2017 Wing Eating Contest ViewersW&W 2017 Chicken!W&W 2017 Wing Eating Contest Begins!
W&W 2017 Wing Eating Contest!W&W 2017 Results are in!W&W 2017 Trophies
W&W 2017 PatioW&W 2017W&W 2017 Ping Pong
W&W 2017 CoupleW&W 2017 Volunteer CrewW&W 2017