Wings & Whiskey 2018

2018 W&W
WOW! Another incredible Wings & Whiskey event in the books! A BIG thank you to DHA Youth Employment Academy for giving us the opportunity to host this event year after year! With the help of our dedicated volunteers, vendors, chefs, and guests we raised a total of $13,000 for DHA’s Youth Employment Academy. We saw Chef Ryan Gorby take home the title for the best wing in Judge’s Choice this year, and the incredible team of Osage Cafe defended their title for People’s Choice of best wing. Shoutout to all our volunteers, vendors, chefs, and everyone who continues to make this the best charity event year after year!

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Wings&Whiskey2018_TrophyWings&Whiskey2018 Chef Ryan GorbyWings&Whiskey2018 Chef Thach Tran
Wings&Whiskey2018 Patio Ping PongWings&Whiskey2018 CocktailsWings&Whiskey2018 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Wings&Whiskey2018 Check-inWings&Whiskey2018 Ace CrewWings&Whiskey2018 Band
Wings & Whiskey 2018 Patio VibesWings&Whiskey2018 Bar BusWings&Whiskey2018 Ace Patio
Wings&Whiskey2018 Pong RoomWings&Whiskey2018 Whiskey GrabWings&Whiskey2018 Ping Pong Crew
Wings&Whiskey2018 Cotton CandyWings&Whiskey2018 Sous Chef Christine CristyWings&Whiskey2018 VIP Bar
Wings&Whiskey2018 WingWings&Whiskey2018 LadiesWings&Whiskey2018 Patio
Wings & Whiskey 2018 Judges TableWings&Whiskey2018 Osage CafeWings&Whiskey2018 Osage Cafe crew
Wings&Whiskey2018 Wing Eating CompetitionWings&Whiskey2018 Hot WingWings&Whiskey2018 Wing Eating Contest
Wings&Whiskey2018 Patio crewWings&Whiskey2018 FriendsWings&Whiskey2018 Volunteers